Ruben Diaz. Reverend. Senator. Douche.

Ruben Diaz, Sr. made an impassioned plea to prevent gay marriage from passing in New York. Last month I watched him in a Senate hearing on the collection of taxes on cigarettes sold on Native American land. He was positively dismissive and arrogant and has gone on record saying that Indians are evading taxes and breaking the law without spending the time to truly understand the argument.

So who is this guy? For one he keeps poking his nose into business on Long Island even though he represents the Bronx. Furthermore, he is no friend to the indigenous people of this nation. He also hangs out with some bunch of douche bags.

 Hmm. Is douche bag one word or two? I’ll have to look that up.

Anyway, check out this collection:

Los Cuatro Amigos. State Senators Ruben Diaz, Sr., Pedro Espada, Jr., Hiram Monserrate and Carl Kruger

Author: Jed Morey

Jed Morey is the publisher of the Long Island Press, LI's Cultural Arts and Investigative News Journal. The Press has a monthly circulation of 100,000, and, welcomes more than 500,000 unique visitors every month. He serves on the board of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Nassau County, as well as the President's Council of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Long Island. In addition to the contributions on this blog, Morey authors a column for the Long Island Press titled "Off The Reservation" and is a staunch advocate for Indian rights. The column was voted Best Column in New York by the NY Press Association in 2010 and third overall in the nation among alternative publications by the Association of Alternative Weeklies in 2012. Morey lives in Glen Cove with his wife, Eden White, and their two daughters.

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