Tea Party Sellouts

I wonder what the national Tea Party leaders think of this chapter in Suffolk run by retired second tier Republicans living on government pensions.

What’s this I hear the Long Island Tea Party has matured?  You mean they were bought.  Maybe Randy Altchuler will say they were acquired.  I am sure he will be placing many ads on the local Tea Party’s mediocre web page.   Let’s face it the Suffolk Tea Party is nothing more than an arm of the local GOP.  Most are retired public sector workers once employed by the old Republican Machine whose corrupt ways led Nassau County to bankruptcy and nearly did the same to Suffolk. 

What’s most ironic is that most of these “patriots” have time to be engaged in politics thanks to generous pensions they earned as government workers now want to end government pensions, Social Security and Medicare as we know it.   Why should they care? The contracts their municipal unions earned through negotiation protect them for life.  Now the Suffolk Tea Party wants all the government money to be saved so they can keep what they got out of it, even if that means the municipal unions that gave them a good life have to go in the process.  How short sighted and hypocritical. 

What’s also mind boggling is recent reports that they will be supporting Randy Altchuler for Congress.  Let’s not forget how Randy made his millions.  Taking our jobs and shipping them overseas.  How patriotic of him.  I guess the local chapter of the tea party wants to see more of that. Even when good ole Randy started a new company in 2010, a year after he ran for Congress on LI, he chose to locate it in Georgia instead of Suffolk County.   That’s a start I guess and better than placing the jobs in Mumbai.  In 2010, they showed principal and held off endorsing this very flawed carpetbagger of a candidate.  I guess everyone has a price, I hope they were paid well.  

I have met many national Tea Party leaders through my appearances on Fox News.  I rarely agree with them but know they are committed to their ideals.  I wonder what they think of this chapter in Suffolk run by retired second tier Republicans living on government pensions.   I wonder how they feel about the chapter backing a guy who was registered in the Green Party just three years ago.   I’m sure they would be scratching their heads.  Maybe it’s time we stop calling the Suffolk Patriots a Tea Party Group and start calling them what they really are… Republicans.

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Author: Chris Hahn

Christopher Hahn is a political consultant and attorney based in New York. Christopher’s skill in dealing with public policy issues was honed during five years he served as an aide to United States Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). During that time, his responsibilities included dealing with post 9/11 Homeland Security activities, federal environmental matters and economic development. His responsibilities included coordinating regional, federal, state and local interagency initiatives. During his time as Chief Deputy County Executive for Nassau County, Chris was the senior appointed official under County Executive Thomas Suozzi. Chris was primarily responsible for directing and managing the daily administration, communications and operations of county government. Nassau County had a $2.6 billion budget, 8,700 employees and 47 departments. Duties included dealing with the entire legislative agenda, overseeing contracts, personnel decisions, coordination with federal, state and local governments and officials, supervision of all communications and press activities and the preparation and management of the budget. As the president and CEO of the United Way of Long Island, he oversaw the operational management and fundraising activities of the organization. By leading their strategic planning he completed the conversion to the national Community Impact Model. Program activities included many new initiatives. Christopher is an adjunct professor of American History at Hofstra University and a former member of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) Board. He is a highly sought after political commentator and is a regular guest on Fox News Channel, Fox Business News and News 12 Long Island and is a regular contributor to Politico’s Arena. Christopher serves on the boards of United Way of Long Island, The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, The Cradle of Aviation Air & Space Museum and the University at Albany Alumni Association. He is an avid runner, tri-athlete and an accomplished improv comic. Christopher earned his B.A. at the University at Albany, and his J.D. at St. John’s University School of Law

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