Conspiracy: It’s What’s for Dinner.

Through it all, Barack Obama has held tightly to his cool, unflappable persona, leading me to believe that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I think it’s fair to say that in the wake of the government shutdown and the laughable antics of the Tea Party, the GOP had their asses effectively handed to them in this latest election. Tea partier Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia was summarily defeated. So too Dean Young of Alabama. New York City elected its first democratic mayor since the early nineties. Democracy reigned across the land, despite voter ID laws designed to keep minorities and Democrats from voting.

All of it: the shutdown, Ted Cruz’s filibuster, the obstruction led by Tea Party wing-nuts has badly shaken the President. Except – it hasn’t. Through it all, Barack Obama has held tightly to his cool, unflappable persona, leading me to believe that there’s more to it than meets the eye. As it stands, this fringe element of the GOP shouldn’t have nearly the voice or the power to sabotage the US government. Yet, thanks to redistricting and gerrymandering, they have infiltrated congress to wield their strange and horrible revenge.

obama-coolBut something about it doesn’t sit right in my stomach. I suspect the story goes deeper than we’ve all been led to believe and that maybe Obama’s calm exterior is the clue we need to put it all together. Remember Syria? That country somewhere across the water from us, in the middle of a whole bunch of other countries that I can’t pronounce/know who they are? Remember how they were going to throw us into a third foreign conflict that had conservatives beating the drum wars (have the ever stopped?) and liberals picketing, recycling our fathers’ protest-wear of the 1960s?

In short, it was a chess game, the likes of which none of us saw clearly until the hand was dealt in John Kerry’s “slip” that if Syria was willing to give up their chemical weaponry, we were going to launch the missiles that were aimed at Syrian targets. It sounded to the world like an offhand comment, an impossibility, and an excuse to pacify the itchy fingers at the helm. But Syria, with Russia’s support, surprised us. They agreed. And most of us let out a sigh of relief.

And it was only after the smoke cleared that the public was able to see why Obama was able to keep his cool in the face of another bloody war: he knew what he was doing. He saw three steps ahead of any of us and played it out. Nothing to get all nervous about folks. I got this.

And so when I see that coolness in the face of domestic conflict in Congress that has organized opposition to every single thing he has ever proposed, I wonder how he doesn’t snap. Just once. Just a bit. An eye-roll. A bitten lip. A shouted obscenity.

But no.

So let’s look deeper at the actual result of the Tea Party’s invasion of the GOP. They have hijacked a powerful political party and taken away their credo of fiscal responsibility and small government and replaced it with a religious dogma that would stump Jesus. Conspiracy theorists have only grown more staunch in their assertions that Obama is really a Muslim socialist intent on waging war against the very country he purports to love. They’re waiting for the axe to drop. They think it might have something to do with his healthcare reform, that there has to be a sinister element to his attempt to revamp a disastrous and corrupt system and put affordable provisions in for the less fortunate among us.

Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman haven’t stopped to take a breath in their campaigns to enlighten the people to his evil doings. Fox News, in their fair and balanced efforts, pauses naught in their anti-Obama “news,” and Mitch McConnell has vowed to never stop his wave of obstruction. It’s enough to make a leader flip the eff out.

But not this guy.

Consider for a moment how his calm exterior has been a Teflon cover to which none of their vitriol sticks. Consider how the Tea Party-led GOP has succeeded in defeating food stamps for the very poor in hard economic times while clinging to tax breaks for the very wealthy, how redistricting has made their racist motives apparent to the masses, and how they shut down the entire government just to stage a temper tantrum that served only to illustrate how contemptible their positions have grown. Finally, consider how the Tea Party has succeeded where no Democrat ever could: in dividing a once-powerful club whose power was unmatched by anything the world had ever seen. Consider Obama’s ability to play a long game. Consider his chess-playing acumen.

Then tell me that Obama isn’t the biggest sponsor of the Tea Party “patriots.”

(Slow clap, Mr. President. And don’t worry – I’ll keep this between you and me.)

Author: Jaime Franchi

Jaime Franchi is a freelance writer living on Long Island. Her work can be found on, Milieu Magazine, Punchnel's and the New York Times.

13 thoughts on “Conspiracy: It’s What’s for Dinner.”

  1. Perhaps the President is employing the sage adage; “give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”. That certainly appears to be the case.

  2. Interesting piece. I think POTUS plays three dimensional chess while the GOP’s still learning how to play checkers.

  3. My opinion is that he plays his cards close to the chest and uses the tantrums of the right to create some breathing room and to show the world that the US is not about world domination.

    Remember that he was a professor before he became POTUS. Great teachers take advantage of “teachable moments”. Unfortunately the rest of society isn’t mature enough to see his tactics for what they are, to finally have a presidency that is’t the armed bully of the world. He uses and misuses his access to intelligence to avoid wars.

    At the same time, I believe his using illegal intelligence gathering about ordinary citizens is still wrong and he should stop doing it. We are becoming a “more internationally peaceful” police state, where everyone is under surveillance all the time and it is against our Constitution to spy on ordinary citizens without due cause.

  4. Margie – I agree with you. There are things I detest about Obama – they are just different things than the right detests.

  5. Um, no. He is just so clueless and in over his head, he doesn’t know how to react. He has bungled everything he has touched. Or, worse, he doesn’t know or understand what happened on his watch. It was always someone else’s fault. Pres. Obama is an utter failure.

    The Tea Party folks are the ones who love their country and want to see it governed as it was intended — by the US Constitution.

  6. excellent piece, jaime. the president is a fascinating person, and i think you are correct that he is far more sure of himself, what he believes in and, importantly, how to get it done than many, many people have given him credit for. i would even say that it was evident during his first campaign – how he handled the jeremiah wright issue, for instance. i believe at the end of his term he will have accomplished far more than anyone thought he would, by moving quietly and carefully along a path he sees clearly in his brilliant mind.

  7. The only conspiracy I detect is that of the liberal media protecting and defending a President that took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution as he does all in his power to undermine it. However, that is only half the problem as there is no longer a loyal opposition only a Republican mainstream willing to subvert our freedoms at a slower rate. The Tea Party is the Republican parties last hope of holding on to its base and between the two major parties and the media it appears to be withering under the combined attacks.

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