The Sound of Love

So here it is. This is her gift to me. Sharing her talent is my gift to you all.

 Okay. So it’s my birthday. My 40th, no less. This has traditionally been a pretty lousy day filled with several bizarre incidents so I typically keep things low key. (The list includes being suspended from school as a kid, a concussion in college, car accident, and devastating health discoveries.) Enough of a list to be more than a coincidence. Enough reason to maintain a low profile.

And yet here I am tempting fate and reaching out because I felt compelled to share something. And while this site makes for an odd forum to post something like this, I didn’t know where else to put it. So I’m taking a break from my normal political diatribes to share with you the gift my wife gave to me. It’s too good not to.  Many of our friends know that my wife is beyond talented, a musical genius. In fact we met at her CD release party when she was signed to a label in New York. I thought she was the most amazing artist I had ever seen. She thought I was a really nice guy but wondered why I had so much gel in my hair. Nevertheless we fell in love. Fifteen years later, we’re still madly in love.

So here it is. This is her gift to me. Sharing her talent is my gift to you all. Written (apparently) over several weeks. Recorded in less than three hours.

Fifteen years later and she still breaks me in half.

Author: Jed Morey

Jed Morey is the publisher of the Long Island Press, LI's Cultural Arts and Investigative News Journal. The Press has a monthly circulation of 100,000, and, welcomes more than 500,000 unique visitors every month. He serves on the board of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Nassau County, as well as the President's Council of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Long Island. In addition to the contributions on this blog, Morey authors a column for the Long Island Press titled "Off The Reservation" and is a staunch advocate for Indian rights. The column was voted Best Column in New York by the NY Press Association in 2010 and third overall in the nation among alternative publications by the Association of Alternative Weeklies in 2012. Morey lives in Glen Cove with his wife, Eden White, and their two daughters.

5 thoughts on “The Sound of Love”

  1. You two are the most amazing talented loving couple I know. I am blessed to have you twoand Ava and Maya in my life! Love you!

  2. Thanks; that was a nice gift!

    A heart warming story and song on this cold NE Winter day is just the ticket needed.

    May you two have many, many more loving years together.

    When/where will CD available ?


  3. Oh My! Just heard the song. I have goose bumps. A love like that!
    That is what life is about. With love, a blessed Mom.

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