Tea Party Sellouts

I wonder what the national Tea Party leaders think of this chapter in Suffolk run by retired second tier Republicans living on government pensions.

What’s this I hear the Long Island Tea Party has matured?  You mean they were bought.  Maybe Randy Altchuler will say they were acquired.  I am sure he will be placing many ads on the local Tea Party’s mediocre web page.   Let’s face it the Suffolk Tea Party is nothing more than an arm of the local GOP.  Most are retired public sector workers once employed by the old Republican Machine whose corrupt ways led Nassau County to bankruptcy and nearly did the same to Suffolk. 

What’s most ironic is that most of these “patriots” have time to be engaged in politics thanks to generous pensions they earned as government workers now want to end government pensions, Social Security and Medicare as we know it.   Why should they care? The contracts their municipal unions earned through negotiation protect them for life.  Now the Suffolk Tea Party wants all the government money to be saved so they can keep what they got out of it, even if that means the municipal unions that gave them a good life have to go in the process.  How short sighted and hypocritical. 

What’s also mind boggling is recent reports that they will be supporting Randy Altchuler for Congress.  Let’s not forget how Randy made his millions.  Taking our jobs and shipping them overseas.  How patriotic of him.  I guess the local chapter of the tea party wants to see more of that. Even when good ole Randy started a new company in 2010, a year after he ran for Congress on LI, he chose to locate it in Georgia instead of Suffolk County.   That’s a start I guess and better than placing the jobs in Mumbai.  In 2010, they showed principal and held off endorsing this very flawed carpetbagger of a candidate.  I guess everyone has a price, I hope they were paid well.  

I have met many national Tea Party leaders through my appearances on Fox News.  I rarely agree with them but know they are committed to their ideals.  I wonder what they think of this chapter in Suffolk run by retired second tier Republicans living on government pensions.   I wonder how they feel about the chapter backing a guy who was registered in the Green Party just three years ago.   I’m sure they would be scratching their heads.  Maybe it’s time we stop calling the Suffolk Patriots a Tea Party Group and start calling them what they really are… Republicans.

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Taking On The “Igno-Crats”

Political consultant and guest contributor Christopher Hahn realigns the priorities of the right wing and takes Governor Christie to task for killing one of the biggest public works projects in recent memory.

I’m tired of hearing what we can’t do.  It’s what we will do that will grow our economy and end the economic crisis.  Late last year New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shut down arguably the best economic development project to hit North Jersey since the George Washington Bridge: the Access to the Region’s Core project, or ARC as its better known. Gov. Christie said we don’t have the money and was concerned about potential costs overrides so he gave up billions in federal dollars and scrapped the project.  Christie’s concerns were reasonable, but he ignored the bigger picture.  Christie gave up a long term project that would have meant years of growth and increased property values in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan.   In the end, had he invested in ARC, the economic boom this project would have brought would have dwarfed the money spent on the project.   In the process he gave up billions of federal dollars, forced workers onto the un-employment line and missed an opportunity to connect that region to Mid-Town Manhattan.

Christie is a hero to shortsighted igno-crats who believe government can’t do anything right.  They believe that now is the time to slash budgets and cut projects.  They believe that government is good for nothing and only the private sector can produce jobs and grow the economy.  Have they ever read their history, even recent history?   You don’t need to go back to FDR to find government investment leading to regional growth.   You don’t even need to leave the region, just ask Wall Street that’s been bailed out several times in the past 30 years and has benefited greatly by the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates.  Do igno-crats complain about corporate welfare the same way they protest even modest increases in benefits to the poor? The dollars our nation has given away on Wall Street is far greater than anything this nation has invested in healthcare or welfare benefits.   Every day the Fed lends billions to Wall Street banks who then gamble in the stock market.  Often the money comes back, but sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, the Investment Banks get rich without paying much interest or anything at all on the taxpayer dollars the Fed allows them to gamble.  This has a positive impact on the economy of the New York Region, but not what it should given the scope of government involvement.

Why not charge them a reasonable percentage on the dollars they borrow, and then use that money to fund programs?  The money Christie is worried about spending on ARC is nothing compared to the profits Wall Street makes in a single quarter utilizing low interest or zero interest loans from the US Government.  There’s no political will to raise their taxes to pay for what we need, and God forbid we ask for a reasonable rate of return on our loans.  Right now they make billions with our money and we get virtually nothing in return.  The right wing of this country is crying we are broke, we’re not.  We just lost the political will to ask for what we deserve and our priorities are out of whack.

Political Consultant Christopher Hahn