American Genocide

Stossel’s report is packaged as an investigative news feature and passed off as real journalism despite the complete absence of veracity. Stossel prevaricates so often in attempting to prove that every Indian in America is poor, stupid and lazy that this piece almost feels like satire. Only it’s not.

Writing a column is sometimes an arduous process. When a thought is in the embryonic stage, yet deadlines require it to prematurely take shape on the page, it can be utterly frustrating. There are times, however, when the column gods smile upon you and organize your experiences in such a profound and unambiguous way that the act of writing is a denouement of sorts that reaffirms one’s faith in the process.

On Monday of this week I was reviewing materials related to New York’s cigarette taxation policy on Indian territories—a frequent topic of this column—in preparation for an interview with a friend upstate named John Kane, who discusses Indian issues on his weekly radio show in Buffalo. While I was organizing my notes, John sent me a message asking if I had seen a recent news report about welfare and Indians in America by John Stossel. I had not.

Full disclosure: I had no idea who John Stossel was prior to viewing this report. It didn’t take long, however, to arrive at the conclusion that this reprobate masquerading as a reporter is a modern-day sophist who obviously sold his soul to the devil a long, long time ago in return for fame, fortune and the worst ’70s porn moustache this side of Geraldo Rivera.

Last week, this veteran television “journalist” broadcast a segment titled “Freeloaders” on Roger Ailes’ ongoing anti-intellectual jihad known as Fox News. It’s a subject Stossel has “investigated” before. Only this time he directs his vitriol at American Indians, a group he refers to en masse in his introduction as “wards of our state.” Stossel then proceeds to churn out quite possibly the most one-sided, racist commentary on TV news since Dodgers’ executive Al Campanis told Ted Koppel in 1987 that black people don’t have “some of the necessities” to manage in baseball and lacked “the buoyancy” to be good swimmers.

Stossel’s report is packaged as an investigative news feature and passed off as real journalism despite the complete absence of veracity. Stossel prevaricates so often in attempting to prove that every Indian in America is poor, stupid and lazy that this piece almost feels like satire. Only it’s not. He blames outrageous government subsidies for poverty on Indian territories, not the fact that over four centuries, the Indians who weren’t extinguished and disposed of were herded into the remote, resource-poor areas of our nation and stripped of their land, rights, dignity, habitat, game and whatever else our government could steal.

But for Stossel, enough is enough. It’s high time Indians pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start making money without the assistance of the federal government or revenue from casino gaming.  Declaring “Capitalist Indians achieve,” Stossel sets out to prove that the American dream is available for Indians too, if they would just stop being so poor, stupid and lazy. In fact, not only can they still be Indian, they can be rich. Like the Amish.

No, that wasn’t a joke. He actually asks a pro-native advocate during an interview, “How come the Amish got wealthy?” While his guest is attempting to recover from the idiocy of this question, he steps in with his own conclusion: “Maybe they weren’t relying on government rules and Indian trusts and lawyering that teaches Indians to be helpless.”

 Every conclusion that Stossel arrives at is based upon absolute lies. He holds the Lumbee tribe in North Carolina out as the ultimate success story, insinuating that they are all thriving because they choose to ignore government subsidies and don’t let the United States control their land like every other tribe in America. He uses this example as the benchmark against which every Indian nation should be compared and ignores the fact that the Lumbee Indians exist in perhaps the strangest Indian purgatory with a status exactly unlike every other tribe in America.

First of all, there is no Lumbee reservation. Moreover, Lumbee is just a colloquial name given to an amalgam of Indian tribes who are federally “recognized” as having authentic Indian roots though hailing from a large and disparate geographic area. This condition is vastly different from being “federally recognized.” The distinction is of no moment to Stossel, who goes on to falsely claim that the U.S. government actually controls Indian reservations. Footage of poverty-stricken reservations out west provides the backdrop for venomous lies such as this: “Because the government owns most Indian property, individuals rarely build nice homes or businesses.”

I have neither the time nor the inclination to detail the copious ways in which Stossel lies through his cheesy moustache in this shameless “report.” I’ve wasted too much effort on this lowlife bastard already. Instead, I leave you with the perspective I gained from witnessing the perfect counterpoint to his dripping filth.

Tuesday night my wife and I attended an event at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County to hear Eli Rosenbaum speak. Rosenbaum, who hails from Westbury, is the director of human rights and special prosecutions for the U.S. Department of Justice and has the distinction of being the longest-serving prosecutor and investigator of Nazi criminals and other genocide perpetrators in history. His presentation was brilliant and captivating. But it was the courageous testimony of Eugenie Mukeshimana, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide who spoke before him, that broke the hearts of every person in attendance.

What struck me most as I sat down to pen this column, and what the column gods undoubtedly intended me to experience in this period, was not as obvious as you might think. The obvious parable is the dichotomy between Stossel’s blatant racism and transparent hatred and the purity of Rosenbaum’s work and the tragedy of Mukeshimana’s story. But it’s John Kane’s perspective that broke through to me, and perhaps saddened me the most.

No matter what I write here or how many dots are ever connected in people’s minds about life in Indian Country, there will never come a time when the majority of Americans recognize the genocide hidden in plain sight: the American holocaust. This is how Indians like John Kane refer to it, and casually so, because for them it is living history, an ever-present reality. But it isn’t spoken of or acknowledged in white circles. There is no one for Eli Rosenbaum to prosecute. There is no Indian Mukeshimana who can testify to the atrocities.

As Americans we view ourselves as liberators, and in many cases throughout history, we have been indeed. We go so far as to blame ourselves for not intervening in places such as Rwanda but our national guilt ends there. And while I was simultaneously bursting with pride last night listening to Eli Rosenbaum—a Long Islander, one of us—and breaking with sorrow for Eugenie Mukeshimana, I must admit to what is perhaps the grossest of human emotions: envy.

I was envious that there are good souls in the world who value human life enough to listen, understand and learn. Envious that there are people like Rosenbaum who selflessly dedicate their lives to justice, no matter how belated it may be. Envious because neither exists for the invisible indigenous people of our nation considered by Stossel (and I’m sure many others) as “wards of our state.”


Carl Paladino: FAIL

Victory is mine! I'm the biggest asshole in the parade! Yes!

Ah, the imploding candidate.

My fascination with cliff-diving candidates is not so much schadenfreude as it is relief when a disreputable or unqualified politician falls to pieces on the campaign trail. The information age is especially unforgiving in this regard as the slightest personality quirks take on gargantuan proportions and are instantly fed to us in slow motion YouTube clips and Daily Show parodies.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which gaffe will be the undoing of a candidate. The incidents can range from the ridiculous (Dukakis’ Army helmet) to the reprehensible (having a baby with your campaign videographer while your wife battles cancer). Some SNAFU’s are a matter of timing (Andrew Cuomo criticizing then-Gov. George Pataki for holding Rudy Giuliani’s coat during the 9/11 crisis), and some are sound bites etched in our collective memory (Howard Dean’s “yaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh!!!”).

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Carl Paladino that warmed the cockles of my heart. Yes, I realize it was a mass e-mail, but it was special to me nonetheless. This was Carl’s attempt to assuage his spectacularly homophobic remarks made during an address to an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn this past Sunday. In his e-mail message, Carl begins by speaking earnestly of his mistakes and describes himself as “a simple man who works hard, trusts others, and loves his family.” Then in Nixon-esque fashion he sneers at the media, saying “that the press misinterpreted and misstated” other things he said.

I wonder what we misinterpreted. Perhaps it was the part when he derided Andrew Cuomo for marching in the Gay Pride Parade, saying “that’s not the example we should be showing our children.” Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I assumed that Carl meant that he hates parades, but then he marched in the Columbus Day parade. So we’ll leave that one open to misinterpretation.

Maybe it was the part when he said, “I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option—it isn’t.” (“Them” being our children.) Wow. That one is loaded. Let’s break it down. First of all who is doing the brainwashing? Cuomo? Obama? Judy Garland? As for homosexuality being equally valid and successful, he may have a point. Urban legend has it that gay couples are even more successful, financially speaking, than heterosexual couples. Perhaps that’s what Carl meant. Maybe he was encouraging financial equality for all. Maybe Carl is a closet socialist! Holy shit, did we get it wrong!

In his defense, Carl claims to have “redacted” the more repugnant aspects of the prepared speech such as: “There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.” Whew. Glad he caught that one. But it begs the question: who is his speechwriter? Eminem? Thankfully his kiss-and-make-up e-mail appears to be written by someone different, albeit a fourth grader. (His e-mail is far more amusing, and makes even more sense, if you read it aloud as Rocky Balboa.)

Lampooning a myopic, hate-mongering candidate as he’s imploding is like fishing in a hatchery. While this will all be over soon, there is a broader issue that requires examination. The third point in his massive six-point e-mail to his gay brothers and sisters in New York states, “I am 100 percent against hate crimes in any form.” What Carl—soon-to-be-a-distant-memory—Paladino doesn’t understand is that the absence of violence doesn’t necessarily mean a hate crime wasn’t committed.

In January of this year the Press editorial staff produced a video feature and cover story about the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Nassau County. The Center recently completed an expansive renovation and now houses one of the most inspired, and important exhibits in the nation. The exhibit presents the Holocaust as parable. The docents carefully detail the events leading up to and following the period now known as the Holocaust. The galleries simply break down your defenses. The connection here is that what leaders say—and what they believe—matters. Right or wrong, humans are always looking to scapegoat someone else and hang their own misery around the neck of those they do not understand; during poor economic periods people are even more susceptible to lashing out at others and blaming them for their woes.

Intolerance in any form is a hate crime because it fosters a culture of misguided fear and anger. Recent gay-bashing incidents in the Bronx and the tragic death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who was outed over the Internet, can and should be directly correlated to our pervasive dread of homosexuality.

I wish every person in a position of influence would visit the Tolerance Center and see firsthand where harsh words and intolerance lead. As far as we have come, we still have a great distance to travel, and the journey never ends.